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Pre-school Special Education is a program established to serve children 3-5 years of age who exhibit Significant Developmental Delay (SDD) in at least one of five developmental areas or who meet eligibility in any of the “categorical” eligibility areas, such as Speech Impaired, Visually Impaired, Hearing Impaired, and/or Orthopedically Impaired.
Pre-school Special Education services are provided through all school systems in Georgia and are free of charge to parents, It is Hall County’s philosophy that early intervention is essential to providing support to children at an early age in order to lessen the impact of entering kindergarten with developmental delays.

Services that may be provided include, but are not limited to: comprehensive evaluation services, direct instruction from preschool special education teacher, speech and/or language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, transportation, direct instruction from a teacher for the visually impaired, direct instruction from a teacher for the hearing impaired, audiological services, referrals to other agencies.

Children should be referred to Pre-school Special Education when they appear to show delays in any one of the five areas listed above. According to the revised Georgia rules/regulations the term Significant Developmental Delay does not apply to children who are experiencing a slight or temporary lag in one or more areas of development, or a delay which is primarily due to environmental, cultural, or economic disadvantage or lack of experience in age appropriate activities.

Referrals come from many sources including, but not limited to: Babies can’t wait, parents, physicians, daycare providers, pre-k teachers, Head Start, family, friends, teachers of siblings.

For a parent to refer their child to a screener,  please contact the Preschool Special Education Department by phone at 770.533.4019 or 770.534.1080.

The five areas of Significant Developmental Delay are:
–     Personal-Social
–     Adaptive
–     Motor
–     Communication
–     Cognitive

Upcoming screener dates are:

Monthly developmental screenings 2019-20

Wednesday, AUGUST 28, 2019
Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 25, 2019
Wednesday, OCTOBER 30, 2019
Wednesday, NOVEMBER 20, 2019
Wednesday, DECEMBER 11, 2019
Wednesday, JANUARY 29, 2020
Wednesday, FEBRUARY 26, 2020
Wednesday, MARCH 25, 2020
Wednesday, APRIL 29, 2020


Prior to obtaining a screener appointment, you will need to register your child at the
elementary school they are zoned to attend. You will need to take the following:

• Child’s birth certificate
• 2 proofs of residency (a utility bill)
• Immunization Certificate (Form 3231)
• Certificate of Vision, Hearing and Dental (Form 3300)
• Social Security Card

Screening Location:  

Jones Learning Center
1 Sixth Street
Gainesville, GA  30504

Phone number:

Babies Can’t Wait Pre-Transition Meetings

Wednesday, AUGUST 7, 2019
Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 11, 2019
Wednesday, OCTOBER 16, 2019
Wednesday, NOVEMBER 13, 2019
Wednesday, DECEMBER 4, 2019
Wednesday, JANUARY 15, 2020
Wednesday, FEBRUARY 12, 2020
Wednesday, MARCH 11, 2020
Wednesday, APRIL 15, 2020
Wednesday, MAY 13, 2020

*All meetings will be in the morning beginning at 9:30 and ending at 11:30.

*Meetings will be held at the Preschool Intervention Center located at the Jones Learning Center:
1 Sixth Street, Gainesville Georgia 30504

*Parents will need to bring the following:

• completed packet
• copy of child’s birth certificate, Immunization Certificate (Form 3231), Certificate of Vision, Hearing and Dental (Form 3300) , 2 proofs of residency (a utility bill), and social security card
You will need to take this information to the elementary school your child is zoned to attend to register your child.
• medical records (vision, hearing, developmental testing, and any other related test results)
• list of contact information for physicians/therapists

*If you have any questions or would like to schedule an individual appointment, please contact our office at (770)533-4019.

*Parents have been notified of their home school district and are encouraged to register their child prior to attending one of these meetings.