Safe Riding / 10 Safety Rules

1.Arrive at your bus stop 5 minutes before your scheduled pick-up time.

2. Dress for the weather – umbrella and raincoat for rain; coat and gloves when cold.

3. Never stand or play in the road. Wait for the bus a safe distance from the road.

4. Always use the handrail when boarding or leaving the bus. Do not wear clothing or carry bags that have strings or straps that could get caught in the handrail.

5. Remain seated when the bus is moving. Your seat is designed to protect you in the event of an accident.

6. Never try to reach anything under or beside the bus. If you drop something while crossing in front of the bus, do not return to pick it up. The bus driver cannot see you. After crossing safely, ask the driver for help.

7. Observe silence when approaching and while stopped for railroad crossings so the driver can hear if a train is coming.

8. Look carefully before crossing the road. Do not assume that a car will stop for you – wait to be sure it is stopped before crossing. Watch for your driver’s signal before crossing the road.

9. Always cross in front of the bus – never behind it!

10. Talk quietly. Do not “horseplay”. Your driver must give full attention to driving to ensure your safety.

 School Bus Code of Conduct.pdf