“Character, Competency, Rigor . . . for All” – this is the mission of Hall County Schools. Indeed we believe that ALL students have a right to educational experiences that challenge their individual development whether it is currently below, at, or beyond the level of their age peers.

In accordance with this philosophy, Hall County provides a variety of rigorous educational programs that recognize and make provisions for the special needs of gifted and talented learners. Further, we believe that exemplary gifted education programs are not only a means of meeting the needs of students who are already achieving at advanced levels, but they also serve as catalysts for a number of school improvement activities that improve the learning environment and success of all students.

Teachers modify content and pacing, provide opportunities for students to pursue passionate interests, and engage students in deep learning that builds upon their strengths in a variety of rich learning experiences. It is our mission to take a proficiency view of all students, an important first step in raising expectations for student growth and achievement, and then to provide innovative programs that enable children to reach towards their unlimited potential.

Dr. Sally Krisel, Director of Innovative and Advanced Programs – Sally.krisel@hallco.org

Laurie Ecke: Assistant to the Director of Innovative and Advanced Programs – Laurie.ecke@hallco.org