Facility Request For Improvements

All facilities improvements MUST be approved by the facilities department ahead of time. This includes any building structures, shade structures, storage buildings, decks, patios, sidewalks, building signage and lettering, accent painting, murals, etc. Additionally, any building or site permits may only be obtained through the Facilities Department. This procedure includes all projects no matter the funding source (including any project funded through grants, booster clubs, PTO or any other local source).

ALL walls in Hall County School buildings are to be Hall County Buff unless approved by Facilities. A few rules of thumb to remember:

  • Accent colors, if approved, will typically be “High” on the wall in the way of an accent band, painted soffits, etc. Full walls of colors other than Hall County Buff will rarely be approved.
  • Any approved painting must be done by a professional painting contractor, not by parents, teachers, or administration.
  • Murals will only be approved with a “mock-up” sketch of the design, submitted ahead of time.
  • Any approved murals will be in “public” areas. No murals in classrooms.
  • Facilities will paint over any unapproved painting or murals with Hall county Buff.

Application for Change to Facility.pdf