HCSD – Student Services Department Staff

The following are all housed in our Student Services Office. However, many days/times they are out in our 37 HCSD schools and are likely best reached via email ( Feel free to call the Student Services Office at (770)967-5846 to be connected to the person you are trying to reach.

Director of Student Services – Tamara Etterling

Multi-Tier System of Supports Coordinator – April Bagwell

Student Services Administrative Assistant – Julie Nordin (770) 967-5846

Social Workers – Jaclyn Crow, Luis Ruiz-Peguero, Holly Klippel, Taylor Weaver, Nicholas Hartley, Jessamy Vining, Tessa Reed, Mallory Hollis, Megan O’Brien

School Counselors – ESC/MSC/HSC (see level/school specific lists)

Counselor on Assignment – Renee Strickland.

Wellness Facilitator – Jacob Weiers

McKinney-Vento Liaison – Melissa Sutulovich

RTI District Lead – Mindy Watkins

DSG coordinator – Joy Schofield

ISF Coordinator – Jenny Chapple

ISF Admin. Assistant – Denise Vasquez

T3 Mental Health Coordinator – Laura Terrell

T3 Mental Health Advocate – Sydney Rosemore

Lead School Nurse – Andrea Williamson-English

Cluster Nurse – Alison Brewer, Angie Hanes, Janice Alison, Karen Blakely

Diagnosticians – Marcelo Arteaga, Karen Chapman, Ashley Graham, Laura Klu, Sha Lawson, Sherry Taylor

PBIS/ESP Coordinator – Susan Miller, Yonah Wright

Parent Liasion – Zulma Yount

Cares Act Student Interventionists – Zulma Yount, Jaycob Ragland,
Whitney Norman.

Student Services Department Staff Contact Directory