Career, Technical & Agricultural Education Vision

Georgia’s Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education (CTAE) secondary and postsecondary systems will continue to be a world leader in providing all students access to innovative, student-centered and affordable educational experiences that prepare them to succeed in current and emerging in-demand business and industries that drive economic prosperity for all Georgians.

Career, Technical & Agricultural Education courses and career pathways give students a head start in many technical and professional careers. When included as part of a student’s regular high school schedule they will:

  • Attend project-based classes that give hands-on experience in their chosen field
  • Learn what is it is like doing the work in your chosen field
  • Discover any gaps they might need to fill in your coursework to meet job skill or
  • Challenge yourself and gain skills that you can use wherever life takes you
  • See how to take what you are learning and apply it in the working world
  • Emphasize career preparation while still in high school
  • Prepare yourself beyond a high school diploma to compete in the workforce
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Legal/Non-Discrimination Notice

CTAE Executive Director
Rhonda Samples

Assistant Director CTAE
Heather Barrett

WBL/YAP Coordinator
Deana Harper