Hall County Schools eCourses

Hall County eCourses offer high quality high school courses delivered in an online format. eCourses enable students to learn and apply curricular standards while gaining useful 21st Century skills. All eCourse instructors are Hall County teachers who work directly with their students via online communication tools. eCourse instruction takes place over the internet, using the Canvas learning management system, and is accessible from any location with an internet connection. Students follow weekly plans, created by eCourse instructors, to complete lessons and assignments. There are a variety of assignments, which include writing activities, voice recordings, tests, quizzes, projects, and discussion-based assessments.

Registration – When students are interested in one of our Hall County eCourses, they need to set up a time to speak with the school’s counselor. The counselor is the person who will register students for the online course. Before speaking to the counselor, please refer to the FAQ section “Are eCourses right for me?” to ensure this type of learning environment is a good fit.

Out-of-district Enrollment – Students outside of the Hall County School District are eligible to take HCSD eCourses. See the Out-of-District Admission Application for details.

Contacts – For questions regarding eCourses, please contact the school counselors. They can share general information about eCourses and determine if the online learning environment is a good fit while examining the impact of a student’s course of study. If needed, the counselor can help students/parents communicate with an eCourse instructor. If the online setting is determined to be an appropriate learning environment, the counselor will recommend the student for addition to the course registration list.