Code of Conduct

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It is the purpose of the Hall County Board of Education to operate the school system in a manner that will provide an orderly process of education and that will provide for the welfare and safety of all students who attend our schools. In accordance with that purpose, the Hall County Board of Education has adopted a policy that requires schools to follow codes of conduct that focus on maintaining a good learning environment for all students. These standards for behavior require students to respect each other and school district employees, to obey student behavior policies adopted by the Board and to obey student behavior rules established at each school within the district.

The school’s primary goal is to educate, not to punish; however, when the behavior of an individual student comes in conflict with the rights of others, corrective actions may be necessary for the benefit of that individual and the school as a whole. Accordingly, students shall be governed by policies, regulations, and rules set forth in this Code of Conduct and Discipline Procedures. Such governing rules shall be published and provided annually to all school personnel and students. Parents are encouraged to become familiar with the policies, regulations, and rules of the school system, and to be supportive of these in their daily communication with their children and others in the

Major discipline offenses, including, but not limited to, drug and weapon offenses, can lead to a school being named as an Unsafe School according to the provisions of the State Board of Education Rule – Unsafe School Choice Option.

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