School Bus Eligibility Policy (EDDB)

Students are eligible for transportation by school bus provided they live within the attendance area of the school they attend. Bus routes are established under the direction of the Superintendent and in accord with recommendations of the Division of Pupil Transportation, Georgia Department of Education.

Additions to existing routes are based upon the following guidelines:

(1) The student must live at least 3/10 miles from the present bus route and,

(2) The student must live on a state or county maintained road with adequate space for the bus to turn around and,

(3) The road must be wide enough for the bus and another vehicle to pass.

Students are assigned to a particular bus route and can only change buses with the approval of the Principal and the Transportation Department. Students must get on and get off from their assigned bus at selected bus stops unless written permission is granted to let off at a stop other than the designated stop. This request from the parent must be made in writing to the principal. Parents will assume the responsibility of the child when such a request is granted.

 School Bus Code of Conduct.pdf