Introduction To The Virtual Program of Choice

Purpose / Goals

The purpose of the HCSD Virtual Program of Choice is to build a connected community of teachers, staff, families, and students who will thrive in virtual learning.

• High quality, challenging virtual learning experiences
• A caring community where students experience connection and success
• Character, Competency, Rigor for All – in a virtual environment


Mr. Scott Tipton

Application for the Hall County Schools Virtual Program of Choice

The HCSD Virtual Program of Choice is accepting applications from students who will be entering 3rd – 12th grade in fall 2021.
“Applications will continue to be accepted while there is available space.”

El Programa Virtual de Elección de HCSD está aceptando aplicaciones de estudiantes que van a estar en el grado 3 hasta el grado 12 en el otoño del 2021.

“Se seguirán aceptando solicitudes mientras haya espacio disponible.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Students will remain enrolled in their home school (zoned school or where student is currently enrolled), but they will also be enrolled as a Virtual Program of Choice student.

Instruction will be a combination of synchronous and asynchronous. Students can expect to have regularly scheduled live class sessions every week during the school day, as well as independent learning activities. Specific  instructions will be provided by individual teachers based upon instructional delivery and need.


Students will have a 1-year commitment to remain in the Virtual Program of Choice.

Yes, accepted students will take all classes virtually, and they will have no in-person classes on their school campus.

Yes, but there are no guarantees; virtual students must go through the same “tryout” process as other students. If a student wants to participate in marching band, this will need to be coordinated with the band director at the home school. Virtual students will not have a band class as a part of their daily schedule and will not be able to physically attend a class during the school day. Students may only participate after school in extracurricular activities and sports in their home school (zoned school or where student is currently enrolled).


Yes, but students will have to provide their own transportation. 

No, with the exception of Ivester Early College, Dual Enrollment through LCCA, or Honors Mentorship.

In order for a course to be offered, the number of student requests must be high enough to have the course “make.” Although we will try to accommodate all scheduling requests, it may be that some classes do not have enough students to offer the course.

Yes, see the Virtual Program Planning Guide for specific courses. Most AP classes are likely to be offered through Georgia Virtual School.

Available courses are listed in the Planning Guide. If a student wants courses that are not listed, he/she may need to choose not to apply for this program.

Instruction will primarily be provided by dedicated virtual HCSD teachers. Some instruction may be provided by HCSD teachers that are assigned to schools. It is possible that a limited number of high school courses will be delivered via Georgia Virtual and utilize Georgia Virtual teachers.

Yes, that is possible. We will provide support and contracts for improvement; however, if a student is still not able to be successful in the virtual environment, he/she would return in-person to his/her home school (zoned school or where student is currently enrolled).

This will depend on GaDOE guidelines, so it is possible that next year virtual program students will have to take state assessments in person.

Yes, a student with an IEP can apply to this program. Once the application is completed, the IEP team will meet to determine if the services recommended in the student’s IEP can be provided within the virtual program of choice setting. 

Yes, an ESOL student can potentially participate in this program. Once the application is completed, acceptance is contingent upon review to ensure services can be provided in the virtual program of choice setting.

Yes, elementary SEARCH, and also advanced, honors, accelerated, and AP courses will be offered, and gifted endorsed teachers will support differentiation. Dual Enrollment is also available to qualified virtual program students.

Yes, students will have a teacher-advisor through the virtual program.


Please first contact the teacher for instructional questions. Scott Tipton is the director/principal of the HCSD Virtual Program of Choice and can be reached for other questions at

Scott Tipton is the director/principal of the HCSD Virtual Program of Choice and can be reached for other questions at

Virtual Program of Choice
Available Courses Downloads

  • General Information

    • Students remain enrolled in home school (zoned school or where student is currently enrolled).
    • Students can participate in after school extracurricular activities at home school (zoned school or where student is currently enrolled)
    • Students can continue in Dual Enrollment
  • Application Process

    • Designed for students who:
      • Desire a virtual choice
      • Demonstrate success in a virtual environment
      • Can work independently
      • Have access to internet
    • Limited spaces available
  • Program Components

    • Grades 3-12
    • Regularly scheduled synchronous (Zoom) sessions with teachers during school hours
    • Advisement: Caring adult for each student