Entering and Leaving the Bus

A. Wait until the bus has come to a complete stop before attempting to board or leave the bus.

B. Load starting at the rear of the bus, sitting three to a seat, unless otherwise directed by the driver.

C. Enter and leave the bus in an orderly and quiet manner.

D. Enter and leave the bus only at the front door, except in case of an emergency.

E. After leaving the bus, if you must cross the highway, walk at least ten feet in front of the bus, then:

1. Make certain the bus is stationary, the door is still open and the stop signal is extended.

2. Upon signal from the driver, proceed across the roadway in the following manner: Walk (don’t run) in front of the bus within sight and hearing of the driver, look both ways and stay out of the line of traffic until the path across the roadway is free of any danger.

3. The danger signal is a blast of the horn. Stop immediately and look at the bus driver.

F. A student will not be put off a bus for misconduct at any place other than his home or school.

 School Bus Code of Conduct.pdf