Board Bus Discipline Policy (JCDAD)

The transportation of students is an important function in our school system. Every precaution must be taken to see that students are transported safely. The same behavior is expected on the school bus as is expected in the classroom. The Code of Conduct and Discipline Procedures that apply for the school, also apply while students are being transported by any vehicle provided for the transportation of students. In addition, it is important that students abide by the bus discipline policies as outlined herein.

Fighting on the bus and abusive language or profanity toward the bus driver will result in a minimum of five days suspension from the bus. A student whose behavior warrants that the bus return to the school will be suspended from riding the bus for a minimum of twenty (20) school days.

Bus Drivers will report specific disciplinary problems to the principal or assistant principal in writing on the Bus Conduct Report Form. If the driver is uncertain about who was unruly or who caused the disturbance, the driver will report the incident to the principal for investigation. After the principal administers the proper disciplinary action, a copy of the Bus Conduct Report Form will be forwarded to the parent, the bus driver, and the Transportation Supervisor that day or the following school day. This form will indicate the action taken by the principal. The principal will maintain a file of the Bus Conduct Report Form.

As required by Georgia law, a student found to have engaged in physical acts of violence* shall be subject to the penalties determined by a tribunal. If a student is found to have engaged in bullying or in physical assault or battery of another person on the school bus, a meeting involving the parent/guardian and appropriate school district officials shall be held to develop a school bus behavior contract. This contract shall provide for progressive age-appropriate discipline, penalties, and restrictions for student misconduct on the bus. Contract provisions may include but shall not be limited to assigned seating, ongoing parental involvement, and suspension from riding the bus.

 It shall be the responsibility of all principals to abide by the following procedure for enforcing the bus conduct policy:

• FIRST OFFENSE: The principal shall take proper disciplinary action, which may include suspension from riding the bus, based on the nature or severity of the offense.

• SECOND OFFENSE: The principal shall suspend the student from riding the bus for at least five (5) school days.

• THIRD OFFENSE: The principal shall suspend the student from riding the bus for at least ten (10) school days.

•  FOURTH OFFENSE: The principal shall suspend the student from riding the bus for at least twenty (20) school days.

•  FIFTH OFFENSE: The principal shall suspend the student from riding the bus for at least sixty (60) school days.

•  SIXTH OFFENSE: The principal shall suspend the student from riding the bus for at least one hundred eighty (180) school days.


 School Bus Code of Conduct.pdf