Hall County School District Strategic Waiver School System (SWSS) Partnership Application

The Hall County School District (HCSD) proposes to enter into a SWSS contract per the approval of the Georgia Department of Education. A SWSS contract offers flexibility provisions from state statutes (Official Code of Georgia) and/or rules (State Board of Education Rules) specific in the contract.

The Hall County Board of Education approved the draft of the HCSD SWSS Partnership Application on February 22 and has submitted the SWSS Partnership Application to the Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) for consideration and approval of the Georgia State Board of Education.

Links to each of the draft documents included in HCSD SWSS contract are provided below. If you have comments or suggestions related to the SWSS Partnership Application, you are welcome to email them to swssfeedback@hallco.org

Also linked below are an overview of the SWSS as well as a video of the SWSS presentation given at the HCSD SWSS Public Hearing held on Monday, February 22.

PDF_IconHall County SWSS Partnership Contract.pdf

PDF_IconHCSD Exhibit A – Strategic Plan.pdf

PDF_IconHCSD Exhibit B – Flexibility.pdf

PDF_IconHCSD Exhibit C – Accountability.pdf

PDF_IconHCSD Exhibit D – Consequences.pdf

PDF_IconHCSD Exhibit E – Elementary School Plans.pdf

PDF_IconHCSD Exhibit F – Middle School Plans.pdf

PDF_IconHCSD Exhibit G – High School Plans.pdf

PDF_IconHCSD SWSS Application.pdf

PDF_IconHCSD SWSS Table 1.pdf

PDF_IconOverview of SWSS.pdf

SWSS Presentation at HCSD SWSS Public Hearing