Hall County Schools must follow, at a minimum, the Statewide Travel Policy, which is approved by the State Accounting Office and the Office of Planning and Budget. The School District uses these guidelines when reimbursing District employees for travel expenses.

The State Travel Policy can be found at:

Employee travel reimbursements must be approved by your immediate supervisor or director prior to submission to Finance. By signing the travel expense statement, the employee is attesting that the submitted expenditures were incurred as part of their official duties as an employee of Hall County Schools, that the expenditures are appropriate and that all charges are reasonable with regard to the services provided, that the supporting documentation submitted is complete and accurate, and that he or she has verified that all transactions are allowable expenses under the Statewide Travel Policy and all applicable Board policies and guidelines.

Employees are expected to exercise good stewardship of funds when traveling on official school business. Any expenditure disallowed by the State or Board policies and procedures is the responsibility of the employee.

Travel reimbursements are made electronically by ACH to the same bank account, if the employee participates in direct deposit. For those employees who do not participate in direct deposit, please use the direct deposit form for travel, located on Applitrack, to submit an account to which travel reimbursement may be deposited.

Travel Forms

Travel Expense Statement

Hotel/Motel Tax Exempt Form

Travel Instructions