Our team member COVID numbers have stabilized and reported student numbers have also decreased significantly. In addition, our contact-tracing activity (an indicator of future school district spread) is down dramatically. With these factors in mind, we will hold an In-Person Hybrid Schedule for January 19 – 22 for all of our schools, as outlined below:

• All in-person self-contained special education students will attend every day, 1/19 – 1/22.
• In-person learners with last names beginning with L-Z will attend Tuesday, 1/19 and Thursday, 1/21
• In-person learners with last names beginning with A-K will attend Wednesday, 1/20 and Friday, 1/22
• For the two days when in-person learners are home, they will continue to complete their lessons in a blended format.
• Virtual students will continue their lessons digitally as normal.
• Dual Enrollment Students will attend everyday.
• The district will closely monitor COVID numbers and spread and make a decision by the end of business on Thursday, January 21 regarding the following week’s plan.
• Meal delivery plans will be forthcoming.

We will be intentionally re-teaching 200% Accountability practices to all students and team members. This plan for in-person learning allows teachers to connect with students, assess student progress, and provide in-person feedback to all learners. Additionally, it will allow HCSD to gather accurate student COVID numbers in a socially distanced environment.

As always, if team members or students are not feeling well, or have any symptoms of COVID, please stay home.

2020-2021 BOE Update 3-22-21