Welcome To HCSD Virtual Learning

HCSD Virtual Program Overview and Student Expectations
Hall County virtual courses will provide students with access to learning from locations outside the school building. Virtual students will use Canvas to access lessons, complete assignments and to communicate with teachers. A plan will be posted for students to follow in Canvas for each class in which they are enrolled. Students will be responsible for viewing online lessons and completing activities for each day. When questions arise, students will message the teacher using the Canvas Inbox. Teachers may periodically hold online, real-time sessions in which students will be encouraged to participate.

Many students will find the flexibility of a virtual course to be beneficial. However, to avoid falling behind, students must set aside time for coursework each day. Virtual students will be expected to attend and participate as they would in a traditional classroom setting. For the best and most successful experience, students should work daily. Virtual students need basic computer skills and should be able to use Google Drive and Canvas. A virtual student does not have to be a computer expert, but should not be a novice. Parents of virtual students will be able to monitor their child’s progress in Canvas by setting up a parent observer account.

Roles and Responsibilities:
Within the HCSD Online School Environment, the role of each member of the learning community is important for successful learning.

A parent partnership is vital to support virtual learning. Parents are expected to work with students on creating and maintaining a daily and weekly work schedule based on the course pacing guide supplied by your teacher.

Teachers will clearly communicate grade-level or course expectations for parent support of students, provide regular and timely updates regarding assignments and grades, and maintain open lines of communication to provide clarification to uncertainty (i.e check email frequently, address any concerns of over helping).

An Information Video For Parents & Students on Virtual Learning

Video in English

Video in Spanish