Hall County School District High School Graduation Rate Reaches Record High of 88.2%

Today, the Georgia Department of Education released the High School Graduation Rates for the state for the class of 2018.

The Hall County School District had a record 88.2% Graduation Rate, which is almost 7% above the state average of 81.6%  (The rate is determined by a formula required by federal law that counts those who graduate within a four year cycle, which begins when a student enters the 9th grade).

Even more significant is the comparison of today’s announced graduation rate to that of 2007.  In that year (2007), the Hall County School District had a 72% graduation rate, which when compared to the 88.2% graduation rate today, shows a 16% increase over the previous decade.

In addition, the district had a total of 1,920 high school graduates in the class of 2018, which also represents an all-time high.  This number also includes those students who, because of various circumstances, did not graduate in the 4 year period used in the current rate formula, but persevered to complete their graduation requirements to receive their high school diploma.

Please click play to hear a message from HCSD Superintend Will Schofield about the significance of today’s graduation rate announcement: