Financial Management Academy

At Hall County Schools, we believe that the overall health of our community depends not only on proper financial management and planning by our school, city, and county officials, but also on the financial health of our local community members. The Financial Management Academy is provided as an available resource to our School District employees and community stakeholders regarding financial management topics. Working together, we can create a financially healthy community that meets the needs of present and future generations.

Principal’s Academy

Principals attend to multiple duties within each of our schools on a daily basis. One of these duties includes oversight of the many funds imparted to each school from state, federal, community, student, and district sources. These funds include a wide range of programs and activities, from federal activities enacted under Title I and other federal programs, to the many funds raised and expended by and on behalf of student academic clubs and extracurricular activities. The Principal’s Financial Academy is available to provide reference and support materials for principals, in addition to the training they receive, as they manage the wide array of financial activities occurring at their schools.

Bookkeepers’ Academy

School bookkeepers provide key administrative support services to the principals, faculty, and staff at each of our schools. While principals are responsible for the oversight and management of funds at each of our schools, school bookkeepers perform the numerous duties and tasks necessary to track, record, and account for the financial transactions enacted by principals, student organizations, and program directors at each school. The Bookkeepers’ Academy is available as a reference guide for school bookkeepers, as they execute the day to day financial processes to support our students, faculty, and staff.

Community Academy

Hall County Schools is committed to providing stakeholders with meaningful information regarding the performance of the School District. Members of the local community, students, and parents are just a few of the many groups who have a vested interest in the financial and educational performance of our schools. The Community Academy is designed to provide members of our Hall County community with a fundamental understanding of how Hall County Schools is governed and how it conducts its operations.

Hall County Schools is committed to the belief that, in order to prepare our students to be individuals of character and competency in a modern world, a knowledgeable community, engaged in constructive dialogue with our Board of Education and our schools, is a component of student development that is just as crucial as the curriculum provided by our teachers. Through active partnership with our parents, students, and local community, we can prepare Hall County’s future citizens to be competent individuals of character, who will continue to build upon and care for our community.

Personal Financial Academy

Understanding how to effectively plan and manage personal finances, and assets, is an important component of individual well-being. Individuals who practice sound financial habits and plan their financial future experience a better quality of life, better physical health, and a greater sense of personal satisfaction and happiness over the course of their life. There are multiple components to financial health, including how a person sets their life goals, how much money they choose to save for retirement, how an individual manages his or her income, how much of their income they choose to spend and what type of expenditures they make, and many others factors.

At Hall County Schools, we firmly believe that the personal financial health of our community members is an integral component to the overall health of our community and students. The Personal Financial Academy is a learning resource available to our community members and students that covers many common topics associated with financial health and managing personal finances. By empowering our students and the members of our community with the insight to manage their financial resources, we hope to build a healthy, productive community, where community members have the necessary skills to meet the challenges of the 21st century.