Earliest Dates for Student Collections and Distributions

Hall County School Flame

Please note the following important announcement from the Hall County School District regarding End-of-School-Year procedures:

The earliest dates for distribution of student materials and property, collection of refunds and fees, and the return of school owned items are as follows:

Kindergarten and Elementary: Collections and Distributions

May 11: Kindergarten

May 12: 1st Grade

May 13: 2nd Grade

May 14: 3rd Grade

May 15: 4th Grade

May 18: 5th Grade

*Pre-K collections and distributions will be managed by schools with those programs. Please contact your school principal for details.

Middle and High School: Collections and Distributions

April 30: Seniors.

May 11: Grades 6 and 9.

May 12: Grades 7 and 10

May 13: Grades 8 and 11

May 13: Howard E. Ivester Early College will collect and distribute materials for dual enrolled and newcomer students.

May 14: make up day for collection and distribution for all middle and high school students.

*Dual Enrolled students should follow the procedures communicated by the college/technical school in which they are enrolled.

*School clusters will coordinate the timing of these events on the above dates. Times will be posted on school websites.