Who Are We?

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 12.48.28 PM For generations, public schools have functioned much like the factories and businesses within our communities. Utilizing similar curriculums, chronological age grouping of children, and progression based upon seat time, the current educational model has been the norm for millions of us. Since our country is the planet’s only remaining superpower, it could be argued that those schools served us well. However, times have changed dramatically.

Schools of the past focused on imparting knowledge. Knowing about the world around us is important; however, for the first time in human history much of the information that was meted out in classrooms is free and almost universally available to the masses via Google and YouTube. Not only is knowledge free, it is expanding at an exponential rate. Some estimate that the world knowledge base is now doubling every six months. Therefore, while our schools must continue to teach facts and concepts, it is more important than ever that we teach children strategies to learn and to apply knowledge to good use.

We peer into the future and cannot fully imagine exactly what skills the next generation will need.
Businesses, industries, and governments around the world agree that people with the ability to
innovate and create will consistently be in high demand. In every walk of life, we need individuals who
can make our world a better place.

With the support and encouragement of your Hall County Board of Education, our district is in the midst
of developing unprecedented innovative educational choices for families. Beginning five years ago with
the World Language Academy, a dual language immersion charter school, the district now offers our
parents and their children over 20 highly personalized education pathways that include both charter
schools and programs of choice.

We believe that engaging young people in rigorous programs that focus
on their individual strengths and interests is the way to improve achievement and enthusiasm for lifelong
learning. I am proud of the courage and creativity of Hall County educators, students and their
families as, together, we seek a better way to prepare citizens for the world of tomorrow.

In the words of Bob Seger, we have “felt the wind and set ourselves a bolder course…” Thank you for
your support, encouragement and ideas as we continually seek ways to improve your local schools.

Will Schofield, Superintendent