State School Superintendent Awards STEM Certification to Martin Technology Academy

On December 5, 2016, State Superintendent Richard Woods awarded Martin Technology Academy the Georgia Department of Education STEM Certification in a ceremony at the school. The school boasts a series of innovative elementary school courses called Talent and Thinking (TNT) courses. Students are allowed to choose among the many courses (coding, robotics, gardening, problem solving, engineering, etc.) based upon their interest. Strong business and post-secondary partnerships, where students are challenged with authentic projects and become producers of digital products, round out the STEM program at Martin.

In an email sent to the school district, HCSD Superintendent Will Schofield, who attended the presentation ceremony, praised the school’s accomplishment, “Congratulations to the Martin faculty, students and community members on this incredible achievement in becoming one of only twenty-three (23) elementary schools across Georgia to achieve STEM certification.”

In Georgia, STEM education is defined as an integrated curriculum (as opposed to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics taught in isolation) that is driven by problem solving, discovery, exploratory project/problem-based learning, and student-centered development of ideas and solutions. The saturation of technology in most fields means that all students – not just those who plan to
pursue a STEM profession – will require a solid foundation in STEM to be
productive members of the workforce.

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state_superintendentmartinPhoto ID (left to right):

Front row:  Martin students display STEM Certification banner
Back row:  BOE member Craig Herrington, Tamara Etterling (past Martin Principal, now at NHMS), State Superintendent Richard Woods, Martin Principal Ley Hathcock, HCSD Superintendent Will Schofield