School From Home On Friday Sept. 15

While power companies and road crews have made significant progress in the county, we still have 10,000 residents without power and approximately 84 roads that are unsafe and/or impassable for our busses.

Therefore, we will have “School from Home” tomorrow and ask all school-level staff to report at 8 am for a normal day, if it is safe for you to do so. Please alert your principal if you are unable to attend. Our school teams can complete many necessary activities tomorrow with this unexpected PL/Work day. At this time, power is restored to all of our schools.

We are aware that some of our staff are still without electricity and water. Dress code will be casual. We are also a family-friendly workplace if you would like to bring your children.

We will ask teachers to post additional meaningful assignments for students by 10 am tomorrow morning.

We will again open our middle schools for breakfast, afternoon meals and showers. I wish I had better news.

Will Schofield