Magnet Schools & Programs of Choice

The Hall County School District has been featured in both the Wall Street Journal and Forbes magazine as an example of a school system where innovation in programming and technology is being used to emphasize students’ individual strengths and interests, and, consequently, to increase the number of students engaged in rigorous coursework.

Students are assigned to schools based on their residential addresses, and all schools have a variety of excellent programming options to meet students’ needs. However, it is our belief that students are most successful when they are involved in programs that engage and motivate them, that capitalize on their unique talents and interests.

Hall County Schools offers a school choice program that makes a highly personalized education available to all students. Currently, the system offers many magnet schools and programs of choice to bring innovative curricula to students in a more concerted effort to meet their individual needs.

Students may apply to a school with a certain focus or to a school with a unique program that matches their individual interests, aptitudes, and goals. Except for Early College @Jones, Lanier College Career Academy, and World Language Academy (in some instances), parents of students who live outside the school’s attendance zone must provide transportation.


Magnet Schools

Like Charter Schools, Magnet School concepts were developed through a thoughtful, comprehensive planning process during which parents, teachers, and administrators “dreamed a school.”

After reaching consensus on innovative or unique educational options for all students, these schools gained approval from the Hall County Board of Education to use a focused, school-wide approach for increased engagement and achievement.

If families are interested in their children attending a Magnet School to which they are not zoned, they may submit an application to the school.

  • Chestatee Academy LogoChestatee Academy utilizes Renzulli’s Schoolwide Enrichment Model to provide gifted pedagogy to all students within our school. Chestatee takes students where they are, gives all their talents a chance to shine, and helps them choose a path to their best future through our SOAR Pathfinder Academies.

    At Chestatee Academy, students can choose from over 40 different academies that cover a wide range of interests from robotics and website design to crime scene investigation, soccer, baking, and jazz band.

    For 1 hour, twice a week, students get to explore their passions and create products to share with our community. Students are able to complete a pathway in STEM, Arts & Culture, or Health & Wellness.

    For more information: or 770-297-6270

  • Chestnut Mountain Elementary CSI LogoChestnut Mountain Creative School of Inquiry (CSI) is for students in grade K-5 who enjoy discovery and creativity. The program is designed to engage students in 21st Century learning as they question, research, discover and create. Curriculum standards are taught through inquiry-based, thematic units.

    Teachers guide students to create questions based on their interest in the unit. Students research, discover answers to their questions, and present what they have learned to real audiences through creative products such as multi-media presentations, interactive displays, or through the use of Web 2.0 tools. Technology is integrated into instruction, research and student productivity. For more information: or 770-967-3121

  • Martin Technology Academy LogoMartin Technology Academy of Math and Science provides a challenging academic learning environment for students in grades K-5. Instruction is inquiry based, and TNT (Talent & Thinking) classes reinforce the hands-on approach with interest-based activities that focus on state and national standards in math and science.

    The curriculum at MTA is rich in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math content areas with a focus on collaboration, problem solving, and rigor. MTA is currently on a rigorous path to obtain State STEM Certification. Martin teachers and students utilize cutting edge technology, e.g., tablets and cloud computing for instruction in all content areas.

    For more information: or 770-965-1578

  • McEver Elementary Arts LogoMcEver Arts Academy is an arts integration model charter school that uses dance, music, movement, drama and visual arts to engage students in authentic learning of the state curriculum standards and the National Standards for the Arts.

    Arts-based instructional strategies, integrated units of study and specialty classes in individual areas of interest develop students’ capacities for creativity, inquiry, reflective thinking, self-esteem and love of learning. For more information: or 770-534-7473

  • Mt. Vernon Elementary Logo

    The Mount Vernon Exploratory School offers students extensive opportunities to build authentic learning experiences through project-based learning, best practice instruction and cutting-edge technology tools.
    Academic subjects are presented in an interdisciplinary manner to promote continuity and to allow students to see how ideas are connected.

    Curriculum standards are taught using a hands-on project approach that engages students and promotes deep understanding. Projects have either a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) or Humanities focus. The school focuses on the 3 C’s for future college and career success: Collaboration, Communication, and Critical Thinking.

    For more information: or 770-983-1759

  • Sardis Elementary LogoSardis Enrichment School uses the Schoolwide Enrichment Model to develop students’ talents, provide a broad range of advanced-level enrichment experiences and advanced learning in children’s areas of interest.

    Students participate in general exploratory activities that are authentic and interest-based, enrichment activities and in-depth learning opportunities to pursue self-directed projects.

    For more information: or 770-532-0104

  • Spout Springs Elementary LogoSpout Springs School Of Enrichment uses the Schoolwide Enrichment Model to develop students’ talents, provide a broad range of advanced-level enrichment experiences and advanced learning in children’s areas of interest.

    Students participate in general exploratory activities that are authentic and interest-based, enrichment activities and in-depth learning opportunities to pursue self-directed projects.

    For more information: or 770-967-4860

  • Sugar Hill Elementary LogoSugar Hill Academy uses the Schoolwide Enrichment Model to promote talent development and career awareness through student interests.

    Sugar Hill provides enrichment groups, clubs, and activities to support grade level career pathway standards. Students develop interest in fields relating to STEM, Reader's Theater, music, art, and service learning.

    For more information contact: or (770) 503-1749.

  • Tadmore Elementary Logo

    Tadmore Elementary School of Communication allows students the opportunity to develop a variety of communication skills through speaking, writing, art, music, movement, and digital formats. At Tadmore, communication is the foundation through which all of the standards are taught in an intentional, integrated format which allows students to practice and develop listening and speaking skills which will serve them throughout their academic and professional careers.

    Specifically, students will get valuable guidance, practice, and confidence in speaking and presenting to individuals, groups, school-wide, and to the community as appropriate to their age. Social and professional communication is taught with intentional focus which will help our students reach their fullest potential and find and develop their voice.

    For more information, visit or call 770-536-9929.

  • Wauka Mountain Elementary LogoWauka Mountain Multiple Intelligences Academy bases its unique programming options on Howard Gardner’s research on multiple intelligences.

    Students gain a deeper understanding of the state curriculum through instructional strategies that relate to their dominant ways of thinking and learning and choice classes based on individual interests.

    For more information: or 770-983-322

  • WLA LogoWorld Language Academy is a PreK- Grade 7 dual-language immersion school in which students receive half their instruction in English and half in Spanish. Additionally, WLA students take classes in Mandarin Chinese as part of their rigorous coursework and inquiry-based learning experience.

    The WLA curriculum emphasizes the study of language, culture and respect for an international community.

    2016-2017 WLA Open Enrollment

    For more information: new or 770-967-5856

Competitive Programs of Choice 

Any Hall County School District student may apply to a Program of Choice in his or her area of interest, regardless of homeschool assignment. Students are selected to participate in Programs of Choice through a competitive application process during which they are evaluated for the match between strengths and interests and the program goals, specialized content and instructional approaches.

Parents of selected students who live outside the charter school’s attendance zone must provide transportation. For applications and information about the selection process, please see the school’s web page.

Elementary Programs of Choice:

  • Riverbend Elementary LogoThe Advanced Scholars Academy (ASA) at Riverbend Elementary is an innovative program of choice, appropriate for self-motivated, passionate students who are ready for rigorous, personalized learning experiences. ASA provides instruction that challenges advanced students.

    ASA teachers design customized schedules and instruction to meet the unique needs of each student, including flexible part-time enrollment for a limited number of home-schooled students. Character development is practiced daily, and all students take part in community service.

    Participants are selected based on evidence of their achievement, motivation to excel, creativity, curiosity and maturity to work well independently and in small group settings.

    For additional information: or 770-534-4141. Contact ASA Coordinator Heather York at

  • Friendship Elementary LogoFriendship Elementary School Friendship Elementary School offers the Advanced Scholars program (ASP). This program is designed for advanced students and provides a rigorous environment that promotes problem solving, cooperation, inquiry, critical thinking, and creativity. The ASP program also includes project based learning that incorporates both 21st Century Skills and Georgia Performance Standards.

    Enrollment is based on a set of eligibility requirements to ensure that the students can be as successful as possible. ASP classes are available in grades 1-5 and students apply each year in order to continue in the program.

    For additional information: or 770-932-1223.
    Contact ASP Coordinator Guy Cassels at

  • White Sulphur Elementary LogoAt White Sulphur Elementary School, Kindergarten students have the option to enroll in the Dual Language Spanish Immersion Path Program of Choice. The Dual Language Program of Choice will help grow bilingual and culturally diverse students in the East Hall community. It will help cultivate native Spanish speakers who are new to the English Language and support Hall County School District’s goal to develop bilingual students.

    In this Program of Choice, students receive half of their instruction in Spanish and half of their instruction in English each day. The Dual Language Path at WSES is a cohort group that begins in Kindergarten. The program will expand each year, so students will have six years of Spanish immersion instruction before reaching middle school.

    This Program of Choice is open to White Sulphur students as well as students outside the WSES school zone (tuition applies for students outside of Hall County- visit for more information). 

    Visit our website or call 770-532-0945 to learn more about the Dual Language Spanish Immersion Path Program of Choice at White Sulphur Elementary School.

Middle School Programs of Choice:

  • DVA LogoDa Vinci Academy at South Hall Middle School is a program designed for students who have a passion for learning, primarily focused in the arts, sciences and technology. Students who are curious, who are original thinkers and who are open to discovering their gifts in a creative educational setting are prime candidates for this program. Intrinsic motivation, creativity and self-discipline are characteristics that DVA students should possess.

    DVA provides a technology-rich learning environment that features a project-based cooperative learning integrated curriculum. The Museum of Inspired Learning offers opportunities for students to research and create collaborative exhibits in a museum setting. DVA teachers are carefully selected for their creativity, content expertise, and ability to teach in an integrated fashion; in addition to their DVA classes with multi-talented teachers, students also work with community experts in their fields of study.

    Selection is based on evidence from students’ applications, teacher recommendations, and school transcripts of (a) intrinsic motivation to excel; (b) interest and advanced ability in the arts, sciences and/or technology; (c) creativity; and (d) ability to work well independently and in small group settings. For more information: or 770-533-4004

  • Earhart Academy LogoThe Earhart-Edison Academy (E2) is the Hall County middle school program of choice where students explore Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math in a rich, interdisciplinary context. Students are immersed in an environment of STEM exploration that emphasizes service-learning, career exploration and leadership development. How is this program different than traditional middle schools?

    • STEM: Real-life STEM experiences in technology, product development, research, and authentic applications through various speakers, on-line platforms, contests, and field trips.

    • Rigor: High school credit for Honors Earth Systems in the 6th grade and Advanced Math for all E2 students. E2 students will earn at least two high school science credits and one high school math credit before entering high school.

    • Technology: All 6th grade students have the opportunity to experience a Technology Connections course and use laptops not only for their STEM classes, but also for collaborative, student choice learning experiences.

    For more information, go to;
    email or or call: 770-983-9749.

High School Programs of Choice:

  • NHHS LogoATLAS: Leadership, Scholarship, and Compassion

    ATLAS offers a well-rounded curriculum of advanced educational opportunities for 9th and 10th grade students ready for academic rigor, leadership opportunities and enrichment experiences. Learning experiences are integrated to build inquiring, compassionate, and life-long learners.

    While courses are designed to prepare students for the transition into the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, participants are well-prepared for Advanced Placement, Dual Enrollment and/or Honors courses for their junior and senior years.

    Candidates are selected based on demonstrated achievement, motivation to excel, collaboration and leadership abilities, and service within the community.

    Pre-requisites for rising freshmen: 9th Lit, Coordinate Algebra, Physical Science (preferred), Spanish 1 (preferred)

    The North Hall High School STEM Academy provides an engaging, student centered, integrated, and rigorous STEM curriculum through innovative instructional methods. STEM Academy students will have advanced educational opportunities in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, using hands-on, interactive technology and real-world experiences.

    Students will work with faculty, industry, and college advisors to design their own independent and group-based investigations, conduct research projects and present their findings publicly. Students from any Hall County middle school may apply to this 4-year program. As upperclassmen, students can continue in STEM through the IB Diploma path or the AP/Honors path.

    For additional information: or 770-983-7331.

    Contact ATLAS and IB Coordinator Kimberley Boyd at

    Contact STEM Coordinator Candi Clark at

  • Early College @ Jones LogoThe Early College @ Jones is an innovative way for high school students to earn a high school diploma while also earning college credits. Students may take college-level core academic classes such as English 1101, Speech 1101, Psychology 1101, Math 1111 and Math 1113; students may also earn technical college certification in Animation and Game Design; Design and Media Production; or Medical Front Office Assistant.

    The Hall County School District is partnering with Lanier Technical College (LTC) and the University of North Georgia (UNG) to provide unique access to Georgia’s Move On When Ready (MOWR) program. 

    Beginning in fall 2016, LTC and UNG professors will teach courses on the Early College @ Jones campus, and transportation will be provided for all qualified MOWR students during the school day to and from Jones and our Hall County high schools. Unique to this program is that all students will participate in academic support that includes tutoring, career guidance, and personalized planning to meet college and career goals.

    Early College scholars are transported through a federal grant from and back to their home high school during the day. Students have the opportunity to take LTC/UNG courses per semester at Jones that count for high school and college credit; students are also free to take classes at their high school campus.

    Early College Coordinator: Mrs. Michele Hood –

    For more information, visit:

  • EHHS LogoThe EPiCC Academy at East Hall High School provides students with engaging, creative and collaborative learning experiences that transcend the boundaries of a brick-and-mortar classroom.

    By providing a vast array of educational environments that range from interactive, whole-class instruction to digital learning to project-based knowledge, students’ learning styles, talents & interests are always an integral part of the educational equation.

    Learning at EPiCC Academy is blended (instruction ranging from whole class to online), flexible (schedules based on students’ needs), differentiated (tasks rooted in students’ readiness & choices), asynchronous (understanding acquired at different times & levels), creative (mastery of standards demonstrated in authentic ways), collaborative (knowledge derived from teamwork) & authentic.

    For additional information: 770-536-9921.

    Contact EPiCC Coordinator Michelle Fair at

  • JHS LogoNHHS LogoWHHS Logo

    Designed to prepare students for success at the university level, the IB Diploma Program is recognized nationally and internationally as one of the most rigorous programs available to high school students.

    IB full diploma students take six college-level classes during their junior and senior years, participate in the Theory of Knowledge course, complete an independent research paper on a topic of the student’s choice, and carry out community service related to causes about which they are passionate. Students also have the the opportunity to earn IB credits by taking fewer than six courses.

    IB LogoThe IB Diploma Program offers students an opportunity to stand out among their peers in the university admissions process. WHHS offers the IB Bilingual Diploma Program for students who have been raised in a bilingual environment and have had substantial experience in reading and writing in both languages.

    WHHS also offers the IB Career-related Program, which combines career pathway completion with the IB educational experience. Like the IB Diploma program, IBCP is open to highly motivated, academically focused students who meet selective admissions criteria.

    Any rising Hall County 11th grader is invited to complete an IB application for the program at the school of his or her choice.

    For more information:
    JHS IB Coordinator:
    NHHS IB Coordinator:
    WHHS IB Coordinator:

  • WHHS LogoThe Innovation Institute (i2) is a program that uses an integrated, project-based curriculum to deliver high school curriculum creatively. In the 9th grade, students participate in 2 cohort i2 classes: Honors World History and Honors Biology. In the 10th grade, students participate in 2 cohort i2 classes: Honors Chemistry and AP Government. Tenth grade year will focus on AP curriculum coursework.

    Students also enroll in Honors Math, Honors Literature, and two years of Foreign Language. A customized program of study emphasizes an in-depth learning in areas of interest which prepares participants for success in our IB Programs, as well as AP courses, Dual Enrollment, and Honors Mentorship Program.

    Students use an imaginative approach to propose, design, develop, and produce a culminating project (Capstone) in a particular area of study at during their freshman year.

    For additional information: or 770-967-9826.

    Contact i2 Coordinator Leigh Ann Nicolella at

    Contact IB/IBCP/AP Coordinator Anna Jackson at

  • JHS_LogoJohnson International Scholars Academy (JISA) is a Program of Choice within Johnson High School. The JISA curriculum is an academically rigorous program stressing advanced studies in the four core academics, a second language, and a program elective. Developing an awareness of the world’s diversity and the individual’s role in society is a central focus of this program.

    The academy ensures completion of state-required courses while preparing students for their path as upperclassmen. JISA is the first of two programs in a continuum of advanced academic programs. The IB Diploma Programme is the second. JISA is for students who are serious about an academic curriculum that prepares them for success in competitive universities and the challenges of our global economy.

    For additional information: 770-536-2394.

    Contact JISA/IB Coordinator Holly Wilson at

  • Lanier College Career Academy (LCCA) is an innovative school that provides career pathways and post-secondary education opportunities to students from all the high schools in Hall County who are interested in exploring careers in the Hospitality, Culinary Arts, Marketing, Agriculture Mechanics, HVAC/Construction, and Cosmetology industries.

    LCCA provides students the opportunity to learn in a real work environment, helping to manage and run one of six businesses: Catering, Get Gifted gift shop, Bistro at the Oaks fine dining restaurant, Meeting & Events Conference Center, Reflections Salon and Spa, Habitat for Humanity Construction, and Design 360 personalized promotions lab. For more information, call 770-532-3161 or visit the website at:
  • CHS LogoThe Renaissance Academy of Creative Enterprises (R.A.C.E.) engages the natural talents of individuals by incorporating interdisciplinary curriculum, real-world problem-solving opportunities, and rigorous academic goals. The key to R.A.C.E. is Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose.

    Students are given autonomy in what they learn and how they learn it. This necessary spark of curiosity drives innovation and an individual’s passions and desires in life. Students are emboldened to become the best version of themselves.

    For additional information: or 770-532-1162.

    RACE Program Coordinators: Kimberly Holland and Leigh Wilson

  • EHHS LogoThe Navy Junior ROTC Program at East Hall High School provides students with an outstanding means to develop their leadership skills and become active and productive citizens.  NJROTC is a hands-on leadership laboratory, where cadets learn the fundamentals of leadership and management by running the cadet company.

    Other objectives include: promoting patriotism; developing informed and responsible citizens; promoting habits of orderliness and precision; and developing personal honor, responsibility and self-discipline. 

    Cadets incur no military obligation, but there are benefits for those who enlist in the military after high school graduation, and qualified students are eligible for special college scholarship opportunities.

    NJROTC is open to all Hall County students in grades 9-12 who want to be active participants in a multi-faceted program emphasizing responsibility, character building and citizenship. There is no formal application process.

    However, cadets must be capable of participating in the school’s physical fitness program.  Cadets are also expected to maintain acceptable standards of conduct and academic achievement.

    For more information: or 770-536-9921.

  • FBHS LogoThe Flowery Branch High School STEAM Program provides students with an active, engaging experience that is supported by a rigorous STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) curriculum enhanced by the addition of Fine Arts courses. The STEAM program offers access to a variety of advanced technological tools and opportunities to unlock students’ artistic capabilities.

    Students collaborate on teams and create authentic projects that combine science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics, building the foundation for their academic and career-related futures. All FBHS STEAM students will work hand in hand with faculty, industry, and college advisors to design and present a culminating project each calendar year.

    For more information: or 770-967-8000

    Contact STEAM Coordinator Ean Sonnier at

  • WHHS LogoThe World Scholars Program at West Hall High School will begin its inaugural year in August, 2016. Designed to give students from World Language Academy an opportunity to continue their studies in a dual-immersion language model, the World Scholars Program offers a unique high school experience for WLA students and for rising freshmen who are advanced in their modern language abilities and/or Native Speakers of Spanish.

    Students will take at least two academic courses in Spanish plus an advanced level Modern Language course during their freshman and sophomore years. As juniors and seniors, they will have the opportunity to participate in our IB Bilingual Diploma Program, our IB Career Program, Early College, or Dual Enrollment.

    Additionally, students will participate in service learning and community involvement opportunities that will expand their cultural knowledge. These activities, plus a senior capstone project, will allow World Scholars Program students to earn the International Skills Diploma Seal* (*pending state board approval) as designated by the Georgia Department of Education.

    For more information, please contact Marlene Goodall ( or Michael Negley (



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