Letter From Will Schofield To South Hall

Middle/High School Cluster 7 Updates
February 2, 2018


All plans are on schedule to open Cherokee Bluff Middle and High schools in August of 2018. This will be the culmination of a plan that we intended to implement almost a decade ago when Flowery Branch High School on Spout Springs Road was built, right before the “Great Recession.” At the time, our district was consistently growing between 500 and 1,000 students per year. With the recession, growth came to a screeching halt.

Growth is returning, and we have now reached the time to make the split. Having experienced re-districting before, it is ALWAYS emotional, especially for those families zoned to a new school. With that in mind, we consistently seek to assure our community and team members that we are committed to opening new schools with the same level of excellence and opportunity that we offer at our existing campuses. At times, I suspect this sounds like the new schools will somehow be better. Let me be clear, the new schools will be outstanding, just like those that already serve our boys and girls.

I solicit your support in reinforcing to anyone who asks: “ALL Hall County schools will offer excellent programs and be staffed by the most caring professionals on earth.” That is our mantra for all that we do.

Principals are now beginning to pick up the pace of staffing the existing and new schools at a more rapid pace as we solidify our enrollment numbers.

Will Schofield

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