HCSD “Stop the Bleed” Training

On February 26, 2018, members of the district office staff at the Hall County Board of Education took part in a training session that is part of the national “Stop the Bleed’ campaign.  Mamie Coker, Health Services Coordinator for the Hall County Schools, had organized the training in cooperation with Region 2 Regional Trauma Advisory Council (RTAC).  The goal is to highlight the commitment that Hall County School District has made to have this important, potentially life-saving training for teachers and staff and volunteers in all schools.  The district is on track to have training complete and to have the bleeding control kits delivered to all schools by the end of the current school-year.

The “Stop the Bleed” campaign is a national initiative of the American College of Surgeons and the Hartford Consensus which helps train and prepare citizens to respond rapidly in the event they are witness to an emergency bleeding situation.   In 2017, the Georgia Trauma Commission along with the Georgia Trauma Foundation, The Georgia Society of the American College of Surgeons, and the Georgia Committee on Trauma collaboratively launched the nationwide “Stop the Bleed” campaign in Georgia.  The Georgia General Assembly approved funding (1 million dollars) to train and equip all Georgia public schools with bleeding control kits.  The bleeding control kits are designed to enable bystanders to control life threatening bleeding and provide immediate care to the injured while awaiting the arrival of professional responders.  The bleeding control kits contain a tourniquet, wound packing materials, and gloves to prevent further exposure.  In order to provide training to every public school in the state, each EMS region has been tasked with developing a plan to train the schools in their respective region.  Hall County is one of 13 counties in EMS Region 2.   The Region 2 Regional Trauma Advisory Council (RTAC) is leading efforts in EMS Region 2 with the assistance of many volunteers across the region.  The goal is to provide life-saving education to all the schools in the region then to equip each school with the bleeding control kits.  In Hall County, RTAC member Courtlan McQueen is assisting the coordination and education planning for all of the public schools.

Picture L-R

Kyle Gibson

NP,RTAC STB Coordinator

Courtlan McQueen
Director of Operations Georgia MedPort EMS, RTAC STB Instructor

Joe Lance
Business Development/Training Coordinator Georgia MedPort EMS, RTAC STB Instructor

Keven Bales
Assistant Superintendent Teaching and Learning