HCSD Awarded $10K Grant

Hall County Schools was awarded a $10,790.00 grant from the Firehouse Sub Public Safety Foundation and The CLEAR Coalition to purchase CPR Manikins to teach more staff and students CPR. Mamie Coker, Health Services Coordinator for the district, applied for the grant.

Adding more manikins will allow Hall County to schedule more CPR classes for staff and students. In addition to having manikins readily available for certified CPR classes, each high school nurse will have a set of four manikins allowing access to ongoing “hands only” practice throughout the school year.

Research shows teaching hands only CPR to high school students will increase the out of hospital survival rate of cardiac arrest for the whole community. Hands only CPR is so simple to learn and Hall County Schools now has the equipment to reach all high school students and staff thanks to the foundations.

Wayne Miller, President the Clear Foundation, Andrea Williamson-English, Jan Black, Mamie Coker, Dr. George Ordway, Prestan Manikin, Brett Black