Why should I consider taking an eCourse?

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eCourses build computer technology and higher-order thinking skills that are critical for success in today’s digital age. Students of eCourses are looking for a high-quality, technology-based alternative to their current learning environment, enjoy flexibility in their school schedule, and seek an academically rigorous high school education.

  • Availability
    • Course materials and assignments are available 24/7 with Internet access.
    • All course materials are available in one place, with in Canvas learning management system.
    • Students use communication tools to contact instructor at any time.
    • Instructors have online office hours during class periods and before/after school.
  • Flexibility
    • Students have more options for classes which may not be offered at their school.
    • When face-to-face classes are full, eCourses may still be an option.
    • eCourses are available any period of the day.
    • eCourses can be taken as an extra class, from home.
  • Acceleration
    • Students are permitted to work at ahead of the expected pace accomplish academic goals faster.
    • On an accelerated schedule, students can complete a yearlong course in one semester.  This allows for two yearlong courses to be completed in one year.
  • Preparation for college / workforce
    • Many colleges now use online courses for core classes.
    • Many jobs require online training.
    • Students learn to communicate effectively using Web 2.0 tools.

Am I eligible to take an eCourse?

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  • Students in grades 6-12 are eligible to take Modern Language eCourses.  Health and Personal Fitness eCourses are available for students in grades 8-12.

Are eCourses right for me?

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Students who have a high probability of success generally display the following characteristics:

  • Self-motivated and exhibit characteristics of maturity
    • Students must be willing to take responsibility for their learning.
    • Students follow a pacing guide to stay on track.
  • Possess reading and writing skills at or above their current grade level
    • Most communication with the teacher and classmates is written.
    • Students must be able to understand and follow specific written instructions.
  • Willing to ask the teacher for help
    • Regularly scheduled office hours are available for teachers to speak with students.
    • Online class meetings are held for instruction and student questions.
    • Students must actively seek help when there is a question.
  • Exhibit organizational and time management skills
    • Students are required to take notes for use throughout the course.
    • Students must follow weekly plans closely to not fall behind.
  • Basic Technical Skills
    • Students must be familiar with Google Drive, word processing, recording audio, Internet navigation, etc.
  • Access to computer and Internet (outside the regular school day schedule)
    • For students not taking an eCourse during the school day, access to a computer and Internet must be provided by the parent/guardian of the student.
  • Good Study Environment
    • Whether taking an eCourse at school or from home, students must have a good study environment which is quiet, comfortable, and free of distractions.