3 HCSD Students Named to Georgia Scholars for 2017

The Georgia Department of Education has announced that a total of 183 graduating seniors from schools across Georgia have been recognized as 2017 Georgia Scholars, and three of those scholars are from the Hall County School District (HCSD).

Jackson Kelly and Madison Stewart of Johnson High School and Ali Winiesdorffer of Flowery Branch High School have been named Georgia Scholars, high school seniors who have achieved excellence in school and community life.

The Georgia Department of Education describes them as high school seniors “who exhibit excellence in all phases of school life, in community activities, and in the home. Georgia Scholars are students who have carried exemplary course loads during the four years of high school; who performed excellently in all courses; who successfully participated in interscholastic events at their schools and in their communities; and who have assumed active roles in extracurricular activities sponsored by their schools.” Each Georgia Scholar receives a seal for his or her diploma.

“I offer my sincere congratulations to each of our 2017 Georgia Scholars,” said State School Superintendent Richard Woods. “These students have exemplary academic performance, but they’ve also gained soft skills by taking on leadership roles within their schools and communities. I am confident we will hear great things about their accomplishments in the near future.”

The Hall County School District is proud of our three seniors who have been named 2017 Georgia Scholars.