International Studies

International Studies

This specialty class focuses on the geography of the United States and of the world.  Students learn about Mimal, the elf who travels from west to east across the U.S.A.  They learn the shapes of the states in a fun way to help them remember.

For example, Mimal represents the five states the Mississippi River flows through—-M for Minnesota is Mimal’s face; Iowa is his hat; Missouri is his shirt; Arkansas is a pants’ leg; and Louisiana is his boot.

After studying America, we “move”  on to the world, focusing on different and fascinating countries and facts.  Students will create posters and travel brochures about their chosen country of study.

Mock National Geographic Bees will be held frequently.  We also make cards for an adopted soldier serving in the Middle East.

Please join Location! Location! Location! for a fun and educational trip around America and the world!