The soccer/tennis specialty class is offered in the fall. It is an introduction to the basic skills and strategies of soccer and tennis. It will also help further develop skills you may already have.

Soccer and tennis require the development of many skills. Along with these skills, you will also learn to practice effective communication with teammates.

During the class, you will participate in a wide variety of drills and exercises to learn and improve your soccer and tennis skills. Demonstrations, practice, and feedback from me will help you improve your skills and knowledge of both games.

The following is important information to know for each day of the 10 week soccer/tennis class:

**Tennis shoes need to be worn every day in class**

**Wear comfortable clothing you can be active in**

**When your child is sick or not feeling well, he/she needs to bring a note from home excusing him/her from soccer/tennis class**

**Students are expected to maintain good behavior. If a student is not following directions or participating, they will lose playing time**