Our Charter

In Georgia, there are six different categories of charter schools that vary in type and in school focus. The World Language Academy (WLA) is a dependent charter school that operates under the auspices of the Hall County Board of Education. WLA enjoys the autonomy of a charter school, including independent control of its financial resources, but works with the Associate Superintendent of Human Resources to manage the hiring and evaluation of faculty and staff in order to maintain highly qualified personnel.

WLA currently instructs students in Pre-k through grade 6. The addition of 7th grade is slated for the 2012-13 school year, and the addition of 8th grade in 2013-14 school year.

As a charter school, the World Language Academy sets and carefully monitors student performance goals as they pertain to state reading, ELA and math standards as well as internal goals of the dual language immersion program. View our most recent charter goals and results [ link to file: wla_charter_results_2009-2010ppt.pdf]  by grade and category.