First 10 Days of Writing Workshop NEW!

The unit below was created by Hall County teachers to help you successfully jump-start writing workshop in your classroom.

Launching Units for Kindergarten

The unit below was created by Hall County teachers as a resource for Kindergarten teachers to launch writing workshop.

kindergarten-writing-lesson-12 kindergarten-writing-lesson-14a
kindergarten-writing-lesson-14b kindergarten-writing-lesson-14c

 * A big thank you to Amy Durrence, Paula Tipton, and Katrina Hursey for creating this unit.

Launching Units for 1st grade

The units below were created by Denver Public Schools and are an excellent resource for launching your writing workshop at the beginning of the year.


Launching Units for grades 2-5

This unit from Denver Public Schools is "Living the Writer's Life".  It's divided into 5 sections, with each section containing a set of mini-lessons and resources. Completing all 5 sections could take from 5-7 weeks.

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