The mission of Johnson High School is to empower students to be independent, responsible twenty-first century citizens equipped by a rigorous, challenging curriculum in an environment conducive to learning.  To accomplish our mission, Johnson High School will implement steps in the following areas:


  1.   I.  Student Empowerment
  2.       A.  Recognize students who internalize and exemplify the Knights Creed.  
  3.       B.  Utilize the full capabilities of Infinite Campus to help students and
  4.             parents direct students' academic success.
  5.       C.  Offer further opportunities for students to join organizations in which
  6.             they are interested.
  7.       D.  Participate in contests, competitions, and any venues where students are
  8.             encouraged to measure their abilities against those of their peers.


  1.  II.  Curriculum

      A.  Promote a culture where all students are encouraged to delve into a

            rigorous and challenging curriculum.

      B.  Increase the availability of rigorous classes like Advanced Placement

            and IB classes.

      C.  Implement across the curriculum reading, writing, and critical thinking

            skills promoted by Common Core Georgia Performance Standards.

      D.  Continue to improve teacher scores on the technology matrix and insure

            that all students are able to employ technological tools available to them.

      E.  Utilize technology to develop products reflective of real-world situations.


  1. III.  Facilities

      A.  Seek support from the county to insure that facilities are modified and

            updated as needed.

      B.  Explore new and innovative ways to deliver course content to accommodate

            increasing numbers of students.

      C.  Increase the number of laptops and zooms.

      D.  Explore ways to provide technology for students who might not otherwise

            have access at home.




The stakeholders of Johnson High School envision this school as a place where students are prepared to meet the twenty-first century and accomplish their goals.  At the heart of our vision are three keys:  Student empowerment, a rigorous, engaging curriculum, and an environment conducive to achieving our dreams.


  I.  Student Empowerment

      A.  Students take personal responsibility for insuring their success while

            attending Johnson High School.

      B.  Students challenge themselves to take rigorous classes, thus preparing for

            the workplace or for post-secondary education.

      C.  Students contribute to the school and to extra-curricular activities

            utilizing their unique talents and skills.


 II.  Curriculum

       A.  The curriculum is thorough, rigorous, and engaging, requiring writing,

             reading, critical thinking, and communication skills essential for the

             twenty-first century.

       B.  The curriculum utilizes technology to engage students.


III.  Facilities 

       A.  Facilities are sufficient to complement the curriculum, promote extra-

             curricular activities, and represent the school to the community.

       B.  Facilities are adequate for housing an increasing enrollment.

       C.  Equipment is updated continually so that students have experience with

             and access to twenty-first century technology.