menu_iconOur menus offer a wide assortment of food choices that meet the USDA Dietary Guidelines for Healthy Americans.

High School & Middle School lunch menus offer 4 entrée selections and 9 side dishes.

Elementary School lunch menus offer 3 entrée selections and 8 sides.

Some Elementary Schools have adopted the breakfast in a Bag (BIB) program because research has shown that children who eat breakfast have improved attention spans, improved academic achievement, better overall health, and fewer behavior and discipline problems. 

Check with the principal at your child's school to see if breakfast in a bag is offered!

Breakfast and lunch menus are posted, so that students and parents can plan their meal choices.  However, menus are subject to change without notice due to vendor shortages, inclement weather, and manager's choices.  To find the menu that is tailored to your student's school, visit the school's website.

six-centsOur Menus are 6¢ Certified

USDA has been busy developing new and nutritious standards for the school lunch and breakfast programs.  As an incentive for districts to adopt these practices early, an extra 6¢ per reimburseable meal was offered to those who reformatted their menus to meet the new specifications a head of time. 

We are happy to report that Hall County School Nutrition took charge to meet these standards early and has been awarded the 6¢ certification.

For more information on 6¢ certification and the school meal requirements necessary to meet the standards visit:


Wondering whether or not to participate in the school nutrition program?

Dear Parent or Guardian,

We look forward to serving your children nutritious and appealing meals each day.  Our lunch meets one third of their daily nutritional needs.  The lunch meal offers a variety of food, and it is less expensive than a lunch brought from home.

Have you ever figured out how much it costs to pack a lunch for your child to take to school? And have you ever wondered about the nutritional value of that meal?

Compare the cost and nutritional value of a typical home-packed lunch and a typical school lunch. Lunch served at school as part of the National School Lunch Program is a better bargain and more nutritious.



The School Nutrition Program Staff