Fuel for Student Learning

The Hall County School Nutrition Program provides nutritious, affordable, and appealing meals to students. Meals are prepared and served in a safe and sanitary environment that encourages students to participate in the school nutrition program.

School nutrition employees follow menus and prepare meals according to standardized recipes to ensure that students receive meals that meet USDA Dietary Guidelines for Healthy Americans, so that our students are ready to learn when they get to the classroom. School nutrition employees are competent, friendly, and nurturing as they prepare and serve meals.

School cafeterias are learning centers where students, teachers, and parents develop sound nutritional practices that support a healthy lifestyle. The school nutrition program provides the fuel for student learning.

School Nutrition Program Statistics SY 2013

  • # of breakfasts served last year = 1,784,695
  • # of lunches served last year = 3,315,165
  • # of snacks served last year = 31,807
  • Total Meals Served SY 2013 = 5,131,667

This year, our staff of 300 employees will serve approximately 29,324meals each day to the students of Hall County.