(English to Speakers of Other Languages)

L. Smith

D. Griffin

S. Griffin

Specific qualifying students whose first, home, or most spoken language is not English are served in ESOL classes. When a student enrolls in Hall County Schools, a shortened version of the WIDA ACCESS test called W-APT is administered to PHLOTE students.  If a student qualifies for language assistance, he/she is placed in an ESOL class for English/Language Arts (ELA) or for Language Acquisition (Newcomer or beginner English students).  Each February, students are assessed/reassessed using the ACCESS test to determine academic progress within the domains of LISTENING, READING, WRITING, and SPEAKING English in all basic content areas.   The ACCESS test also determines (continued) eligibility for ESOL services.
ESOL teachers use the same standards (GPS/CCCGPS) as regular classroom teachers in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade ESOL classes.  Materials used may be modified so that students may access the specific standard, skill, or content being taught.  ESOL teachers meet with other content/grade level teachers weekly to plan appropriate lessons for all students in all classes.
Regular classroom teachers of Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies receive accommodations documents so that EL students will have access to the content presented in their classes.  Accommodations such as, but not limited to, extended time, peer tutors, or read-aloud assistance are provided according to each EL students performance on ACCESS, CRCT, and other standardized assessments. These instructional and/or test accommodations are provided to place EL students on a “level playing field” with native English speakers.
When a student no longer qualifies for language assistance, that EL student will exit ESOL and be served by regular content area teachers.  However, to insure that students are successful in the regular classroom setting, exited EL students will be formally monitored for two years.
Definition of currently used and formerly used acronyms:
ESOL-----English to Speakers of Other Languages
EL-----English Learner
ELL-----English Language Learner
ESL-----English as a Second Language
WIDA-----World-Class Instructional Design
ACCESS-----Assessing Comprehension and Communication in English State to
W-APT-----WIDA ACCESS Placement Test
GPS-----Georgia Performance Standards
CCCGPS-----Common Core Curriculum Georgia Performance Standards