L. Davenport

L. Moore

This class is a supportive math class.  Students will develop their math skills in an effort to increase their achievement and understanding of math concepts tied to the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards.  Students will receive instruction in concepts that parallel those taught in their regular math class. Review and reinforcement of basic skills that underpin the successful learning of those concepts will also take place in this class.

Study Island (click to visit the website)

This site is used in the class for practice, quiz grades and overall monitoring of progress toward mastery of our standards based curriculum. Students may also utilize this at home. To log in follow these procedures: User name: first.last name @ ehms (make sure and put no spaces in the user name); Password: student lunch number without the 0 in front. After logging in students will naviagate to my class page on the left hand side of the home page and then can sign in to the class page. My class page is their grade level followed by math conn for math connection class. Once on the class page students can choose from the various assignments listed to practice concepts. The assignment page also shows how they are progressing towards mastery.

Math Remediation