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The East Hall High School Band Association is glad that you clicked on our page. We will have a link from this page to our band web page. This web page will keep you informed of all the Band happenings for East Hall.

Click here to visit our Band Page http://ehhsband.com/

The East Hall High Band Association is made up of dedicated parents who wish to support the students in the Band program. This support comes from their attendance, their participation and their efforts to raise the needed funding to provide for the organization.

Recently, the Viking Marching Band traveled to the Fort Mountain Classic in Murray County to perform twice for a group of judges. Their first performance (at 2:40) was for a festival rating where the band is judged on their performance and given scores as a group. The second performance (at 7:30) was for a competition rating where they competed against several other bands for ratings and first, second, or third place. I am very proud to say that the EHHS Viking band came home with 19 trophies. The band received 6 level 1 (superior, the highest ranking) trophies during the festival performance, 6 level 1 (superior ranking but at a higher standard) trophies during the competition, 6 trophies in different divisions of the competition (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in the different categories judged), and the overall 3rd place trophy in our division. We were the only band at the competition to place in all 6 categories judged: drum majors, majorettes, dance line, color guard, band, and percussion). When you compete against bands that are larger in size, funding and resources, it is a tremendous accomplishment to bring home this many awards.

The students who are in the band put a lot of extra practice time in and work hard to represent our school and community. They take pride in their performance and have earned the reputation of being one of the very best.



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