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Honors & Gifted Program

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Honors and Gifted Program

Opportunities at EHHS

• Honors classes – These classes are taught at a higher level than average classes. They may stand alone or be preparation for Advanced Placement classes. These classes count more for the weighted grade point average (GPA) and help to establish class ranking.

• Advanced Placement classes – These class curricula and instructors have been approved by the College Board. They are taught at the college level, and students take the AP test at the end of the year for an opportunity to earn college credit. Currently, EHHS is offering the following AP courses: AP Literature, AP Language, AP Calculus, AP Statistics, AP Music Theory, AP Government, AP US History, AP Microeconomics, AP Chemistry, and AP Biology. For more information, please see the links page.

• Directed Studies I-IV – These classes are designed to teach gifted students to become independent learners. The curriculum is based on the Autonomous Learner Model, a teaching method developed by Dr. George Betts of the University of Colorado at Greeley. In order to enroll in these classes, students must be identified as gifted or recommended by the gifted enrichment team. For more information on the Autonomous Learner Model, please see the links page.

• Honors Mentorship Program – This program matches students to people in the business community who work in the students’ areas of interest. It is a semester long program that culminates in the public presentation of their final project. It is open to gifted and honors level junior and seniors. Participants must submit an application and have an interview in the spring of the year prior to enrollment. For more information, please see the links page.

• Georgia Virtual School / e-Learning – The students take these classes on-line and work independently. It is an excellent program for students who want to take classes that EHHS is not able to provide. Please see the counselors if you are interested.

• Accel Program – This program offers juniors and seniors an opportunity to earn college degree-level credit hours as they simultaneously meet their high school graduation requirements. These courses are available only in the areas of the core graduation requirements for college-preparatory students. Most of these college classes earn .60 units towards graduation, so a student must take two courses to earn a unit for high school graduation. Please see the counselors if you are interested.

Parent Resources

For organizations serving the gifted population, as well as information on enrichment and summer programs, please click on links at top of page.

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