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So you think you can DANCE?


CMS students participate in dance off during PE.  Who says you can't have fun while you exercise?????



Physical Education

 "The focus of the Chestatee Middle School physical education curriculum is for the students to sample the menu."


     "Getting Fit Can Be Fun!"

Team sports day

The objective of the physical education curriculum is for the students to learn specialized skills and concepts in a variety of activities. The physical education curriculum provides opportunities for the students to discover which activities they enjoy. One of the main goals for the physical education curriculum is to build confidence and competency for each student.


  The physical education curriculum is a continuation of learning from the elementary school into the high school. The variety of activities offered will not only provide the student with a well-rounded course of fitness activities, but will also provide an enjoyable and meaningful experience for all students. Students will exit this program with a better understanding of their own fitness levels, and with goal-setting ideas that will provide a more healthful future. Exposure to a variety of lifetime sports will provide the students with choices for a healthy lifestyle.    Students will be exposed to the widest possible variety of sports, skills, and activities so that they may refine their interests and choose those that suit their personal abilities and needs. The goal is for the students to build confidence by allowing them to discover which activities they like best. 


  Health Education is a nine-week course offered to all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students.  Its purpose is to study physical, mental, emotional, and social well being.  It seeks to provide each student with the information and skills necessary to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.  The curriculum differs with each grade level.

Weight Lifting

With support from the high school football program we have re-done our weight

training facility to extend the PE department into bigger, faster, stronger development.


This new program is being offered to any student that shows a strong work ethic, desire to improve, and leadership on and off the athletic field.


  We are currently training movements to prepare students to build their bodies to compete at their full potential.  The foundation and fundamentals will be set here at middle school to enhance the lifting done at the high school level.



Weight lifting will be specific to mass muscle movements that will improve coordination, power, and speed for all sports.