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Counselor's Corner

Mission Statement:

    The mission of Chestatee Middle School’s counseling program is to provide each and every student with a comprehensive, developmentally appropriate and preventative program to facilitate success in every student’s academic, career and personal/social endeavors. We strive to address the students’ social and emotional needs by providing individual and group counseling sessions, behavioral interventions, and consultation with parents and school faculty.
    Our main goal is to foster student success skills that will enable them to become independent learners, interact positively with those around them, reach their goals and to explore their future career interests.

How can we help your child?

Individual Counseling – Personalized counseling based on the students’ academic, social/personal or career needs to provide coping skills and self- awareness. Students may self-refer, or be referred by a parent or teacher.

Small Group Counseling – Structured small group that focuses on a specific topic to improve student achievement. Student Success Skills, Family Issues, Test Anxiety, Motivation, and Social Skills, Anger Control, Assertivenss are just a few of the topics offered.

Large Group Guidance – Classroom based, preventative programs designed to meet the developmental needs of the students. Lessons in goal setting, tolerance, substance abuse, career development and bullying will be covered during the year.

School-Wide Guidance – Curriculum that includes participation of the entire school that may positively impact school achievement. Red Ribbon Week and Mix It Up Day are favorites among students.


Helpful Links

NETSMARTZ – A fun, interactive website designed to give teens and parentsinformation  about staying safe online.

Homework Helper – Pictures, maps and information that can help with many different projects.

The ANTI-DrugInformation for parents about how to talk to your students about the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol.

PBS KIDS -Great website for kids about dealing with friends, family, body, emotions, school and money and more.


How to talk with your kids- Helpful website for parent for conversation starters. How to talk with your teen about serious topics.